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Process assurance in production

The process

Finishing – How to use: Compared to stone finishing, finishing with films enables a consistent and constant surface right from the start. Through a controlled, continuous feed of the film, new abrasive grit is always being used. In connection with the correct feed rate, rotational speed of the work piece and the correct contact pressure an absolute precise and repeatable surface result will be achieved. The grain protrusion and therefore the stock removal rate will be defined by the grit size, the grit type and the layer thickness of the bonding.

Furthermore variations in hardness of the pressure rolls from soft to hard makes it possible to optimize the size of the contact area between film and work piece according to the material consistency. The requirements for waste removal and processing treatment of the cooling lubricants is much lower in cost, cleaner and more environmental friendly by finishing (compared to stone finishing), as ordinary lubricants can be used.