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1A – the convincing quality

... of the 1A-Finishing Films is a result of steady control of the used crystals: diamond, aluminum oxide or silicon carbide.

  • constant grit sizes and grit shapes
  • close grit distribution
  • strong bonding of the resin bond layer on the base foil
  • very good bonding of the grit through a resin bond adhesive agent
  • uniform grit distribution
  • avoiding of agglomeration – no clumping of several grains
  • sufficient strength of the polyester base material (PET base foil)    

To achieve a well-defined and constant, repeatable surface, stable working parameters are necessary. Contact pressure and therefore the stress of individual grit will be achieved through the use of polyester foil as base material. This foil will be coated with abrasive, which will be selected according to CIS-norm (Calibration for industrial standards) and then fixed with a special bonding.

Control values in use

  • contact pressure
  • hardness of the draw roll
  • feed of the superfinish attachment
  • speed of film feed
  • grit size of the film
  • oszillation rate
  • rotational speed of the work piece

Superfinishing Film – production

Finishing film typically consists of the backing material, the abrasives particles and the bonding agent.

Backing material:
a tear and stretch resistant base film, usually polyester foil (3Mil = 75µm, 4Mil = 100µm or 5Mil = 125µm)

The particles are selected according to their dimension and slurry coated (LF) or electrostatically spread (FF) on the base film  

Bonding agent:
A bonding agent based on synthetic resin secures the abrasive particles to the backing material

fixing layer:
to stabilize the composition, an additional adhesives agent will be sprayed on after electrostatical deposition of the grit