Dressing Tools

Dressing Tools



We supply stationary dressing tools in different dimensions and qualities. According to customers specification we can provide special solutions.

Our dressers can be supplied with: natural diamond, synthetic diamond, CVD and MCD


We offer adjusting & regrinding of the dressing tools as well.

Single-point dresser

The quality of the raw diamond and the punctual embracing is of
vital importance according to the lifetime and the performance of
the dressing tool. We can supply single-point diamonds in 3 different qualities from 1-2/3-4/5-6 sharp peaks.

Available versions: MK1, MK0, cylindrical, etc.

Multi-stone dresser

Several natural diamonds are specifically set in one or more layers. Multi-stone dressers are used for dressing sizeable and coarse grinding wheels. Available in different types, with a long durability and maintenance-free.

Available versions: MK1, MK0, cylindrical, etc.

Multi-grain dresser

This type of dresser contains sieved natural diamonds in sintered
bond. Suitable for small and fine-grain grinding wheels. These ones
are distinguished for a good and consistent dressing performance,
can completely be used maintenance-free.

Available versions: MK1, MK0, cylindrical, etc.

Profile dresser

Difficult grinding wheel geometries can be high-precision dressed by such sharpened profile diamonds. Depends on the size of the diamond it is possible to regrind the dressing diamond several times. We can supply MCD-, CVD- and natural profile dressers.

Dressing plate

The dressing plate is an all-purpose tool for profiling and flat dressing. It is distinguished through a continuous operational behavior during the whole durability and can replace in many cases single or profile dressing diamonds. We can supply dressing plates with MCD-, CVD-bars and natural needles.

Available versions: holder rotatable MK1/MK0, holder fixed MK1/MK0, etc.

Small dressing wheel

For a small dressing wheel selected natural diamonds or dia-
mond needles are set around in-line and are held by a special
sintered bond. The diamonds can be expendable used one after
the other through turning the wheel.

Available versions: MK1, MK0

Hand dresser

They are suitable for manual and nevertheless for exact dressing
especially for ceramic grinding wheels. The cost-efficient version is
distinguished through a very good price-performance ratio and a
very swift availability.

Available versions: T-Form, P-Form, etc.

PCD-dressing tool

Universally usable for profiling, rough and fine dressing of grinding wheels. Available as triangle plates, round blanks or can be delivered in different shapes on customer rrequirements, e.g. brazed on a tool carrier.

Available versions: on customer requirements

1A-Superfinishing Films

Our 1A-Superfinishing Films are available in electrostatically and slurry-coated version, coated with diamond, aluminum oxide or silicon carbide.

1A-Flexo Diamond Series

With our 1A-Flexo Diamond Serie (on cloth backing) a variety of hard and wear resistant materials can be processed in an economical way.

Diamond Paste / Diamond Slurry

We are producing high-level diamond pastes and diamond slurries. For every application the right product.

Dressing Tools

We are manufacturing dressing tools in all common forms stocked with natural diamonds, CVD, MCD or PCD.